What are the three categories of sound that filmmakers work with 2. What is a film score 3. What kind of artist creates sounds like footsteps- breaking bones- windows crashing- etc.

  1. What are the three categories of sound that filmmakers work with?

2. What is a film score?

3. What kind of artist creates sounds like footsteps, breaking bones, windows crashing, etc.?

Fill in the outline.

From Cinefix video Top 10 Best Sound Designed Films of All Time – YouTube

10. Saving Private Ryan (Gary Rydstrom): Spielberg said he didn’t want the film to sound ______________________.

9. Das Boot (Bor, Pyke, LeMare, Baker) : All sound was added ____________   ______________ because of technical difficulties while filming.

8. M (Fritz Lang): it was released just __________ years after the first film with sound.

7. Stalker (Andrei Tarkovsky): This film is sound as _____________.

6. A Man Escaped (Robert Bresson) : The ear draws us _________________ while the eye draws us outward.

5. Gravity (Glenn Freemantle): There is no sound in a vacuum, but there is ________________ sound that comes from two objects touching.

4. Star Wars: Ben Burtt combined the jobs of sound recorder, sound editor, and sound mixer… creating the job of sound _____________________.

3. Wall-E (Ben Burtt): Used the universal language of intonation as spoken by _________________.

2. Eraserhead (Lynch and Splett): if Wall-E is sound as communication, Eraserhead is sound as _____________.

1. The Conversation: In Walter Murch’s opinion, dialogue often holds all the mind’s attention. But when we get rid of it, we are free to listen to the ___________  ___________ that make up the movie.

From Cinefix video Top 10 Film Scores of All Time – YouTube

These two are not connected to the commentary about a specific film:

  • How does music contribute to the telling of a story? First, it sets the _______________, which tells us how the character feels. But it also sets the ________________, which tells us how we should feel about it.

10. Elevator to the Gallows (Miles Davis): The entire score is ________________________. Davis and four musicians sat and watched the film and just played, creating it as they went.

9. The Godfather (Nino Rota): It’s all about grave __________________.

8. Dunkirk (Hans Zimmer): this score is all about _______________ in musical form.

7. Psycho (Bernard Herrmann): Herrmann started with his musical __________________ from the beginning of the film.

6. Ben Hur (Miklos Rozsa): Rosza utilized a ____________ piece symphony orchestra to create this epic soundtrack.

5. Alexander Nevsky (Sergei Prokofiev): This film was shelved for ___________ years because of a conflict between Russia and Germany.

4. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (Ennio Morricone): Without Morricone’s music, most of Sergio Leone’s movies would be absurdly ____________________ shots of people staring at each other.

3. There Will Be Blood (Johnny Greenwood): Fun fact: Greenwood is the lead guitarist of _______________________  (There are actually quite a few film composers who also work as musicians in rock music).

2. Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back (John Williams): Williams is a genius at creating a _______________ for a character. Also known as a leitmotif, it’s a melody that appears when a character is the focus of a scene.

1. The Sea Howk (Erich Wolfgang Korngold): His scores were laid out as ______________ librettos. Korngold referred to them as, “operas without singing.”

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