What are the issues associated with Playtimes current forecasting process What impacts- negative or positive- does this process have on the marketing- operations- supply chain and finance functions

  1. What are the issues associated with Playtime’s current forecasting process? What impacts, negative or positive, does this process have on the marketing, operations, supply chain and finance functions?
  2. Using the S&OP process discussed in this lesson, design a more efficient and effective forecasting process that will mitigate the negative impacts you identified in question # 1. Explain why you are recommending the particular forecasting process, which you have outlined.
  3. Review the collaborative planning, forecasting and replenishment (CPFR) model in Figure 7.3 (page 224) of the supply chain management textbook. How can the CPFR model be utilized to address any impact that Playtime Inc may experience with their major movie studio partner?
  4. What are some potential forecasting errors that could be discovered by Playtime Inc? Which specific forecasting techniques would you recommend to alleviate any errors from taking place? Why?

Please answer the following question using the case study I have provided.

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