Week 3 Assignment: Analyzing a Written Text Last week- you selected an argumentative article from a news source to summarize. This weeks assignment is to write a rhetorical analysis of the same arti

Week 3 Assignment:  Analyzing a Written Text

Last week, you selected an argumentative article from a news source to summarize. This week’s assignment is to write a rhetorical analysis of the same article. Watch the video below about writing an analysis. Content and format requirementsContent:

  • Introduce the article by title and author early in the analysis
  • Briefly summarize the article before addressing the following questions:
  • What is the main point/purpose of the article? How does the author support this point or make it convincing? Is the article convincing? Why?
  • What sort of character/authority (ethos) does the author create through the text? How does the author establish their credibility?
  • Appeals to the audience: Does the author use Pathos (emotion), Logos (logic), or Kairos (timeliness)? How do these appeals further the purpose?
  • What tone or style does the author use? Is the language formal or informal? What do you notice about word choice (such as repeated words) and the arrangement of ideas? What effect does this tone and style create? How does it further the author’s purpose?


  • APA paper format
  • 350-500 words

Organization requirements

  • Analysis is presented in a logical, sequential order
  • Transitions link ideas within and between paragraphs to unify the discussion

Source/ Supportrequirements

  • Adequate and appropriate evidence to support the discussion.
  • Include examples, quotations, and paraphrases from the article to support your points.
  • All quotations and paraphrases must be cited with APA in-text-citations.
  • Include an APA Style References page.

Technical requirements

  • Write in third person (objective voice) – avoid I or You statements.
  • Use standard conventions of English: punctuation, capitalization, complete sentences
  • Spellcheck and proofread your work.

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