Using the Toulmin Method of Argument- make a claim about Only Approved Indians Can Play. The claim must be bold- specific- and provable. Consider the themes we discussed in class- and focus on some

Using the Toulmin Method of Argument, make a claim about “Only Approved Indians Can Play.”  The claim must be bold, specific, and provable.

Consider the themes we discussed in class, and focus on some small aspect of the work. Don’t try to write about too much, and don’t spend your time summarizing–we’ve already read it!

Continue through the five remaining steps of a Toulmin argument.  Remember that you need to use at least three sources for backing in the paper.

Think about how you can expand upon some aspect of the story to go deeply into what the author is saying.  Feel free to draw in examples that illustrate this idea, but don’t get too far away from the topic.

Here are some ideas (you can do your own thing too, of course!!):

  1. What does he mean by “game”?  What kinds of games are being played?
  2. What is an “Approved Indian”?  Why do you think the piece is titled this way?
  3. What is the BIA, and what does it do?  How does that relate to this story?
  4. Look at the history of one of the tribes mentioned here.  Why do you think Jack Forbes chose to include that specific tribe in this story?

Make your paper 3-5 pages long.  Include at least three sources, cite the sources using Zotero, and include a Works Cited page created with Zotero.

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