Topic   : Table for math

math Description:

This week, your task is to create a relation involving two variables from your daily life, and then discuss whether or not your relation is a function.

Your task for this discussion is as follows:

1. Fill in the table with what you are typically doing during each of the following times.

Time (T)          Activity (A)

4 AM  

8 AM  

12 PM

4 PM  

8 PM  

12 AM

Represent your relation (T, A) in an alternative manner other than the table created in part (a). (i.e., as ordered pairs or with a mapping diagram.)

Determine whether or not your relation is a function. Why or why not?

In your responses to peers, comment on whether or not you think their relations are also functions


Be sure to post an initial, substantive response by Thursday at 11:59 p.m. MST, and respond to two or more peers with substantive responses by Sunday at 11:59 p.m. MST. A substantive initial post answers the question presented completely and/or asks a thoughtful question pertaining to the topic. Substantive peer responses ask a thoughtful question pertaining to the topic and/or answers a question (in detail) posted by another student or the instructor.

Note: The following are not examples of substantive contributions:

Thanking a classmate.

Agreeing with a classmate.

Complimenting a classmate.

Providing irrelevant commentary.

Always support your statements with logic and argument, citing any sources referenced. Post your initial response early and check back often to continue the discussion. Be sure to respond to your peers’ and instructor’s posts, as well.

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