Topic   : Plagiarism

Plagiarism Description:

Plagiarism can take different appearances in different fields of academic study, but it always comes down to not appropriately and accurately identifying a source every time information from the source appears.

For a case study of plagiarism in the field of computer science, read the following article:

Pedersen, T. (2001, April 19). A plagiarism case study. The University of Minnesota Duluth.

After you read Pedersen’s case study, complete the following in your initial discussion post:

Create your own example of plagiarism

Provide an example of a way to cite the source properly

Devise the punishment that you think is appropriate for the plagiarism example you created. Write a paragraph explaining how this punishment would be implemented.

If you cite outside sources, please do so in APA format using the CSU Global Standards: CSU Global Writing Center

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