The title of the paper will be Your Name: A Philosophical Summation- Your Names Apology- A Prince Georges Symposium. Or something like that. In this paper- you will take three of ou

The title of the paper will be “Your Name:  A Philosophical Summation,”  “Your Name’s Apology,”

“A Prince George’s Symposium.”  Or something like that.

In this paper, you will take three of our main ideas and show how they help to explain your life.

Your paper will have a 1-2 sentence introduction, setting the scene—telling a bit about the class, naming the three ideas that interested you the most, and then explaining in 1-4 sentences how these ideas relate to you. The body of the paper will contain the following:

I.  Main Idea 1

A. State the idea

B. Explain it

C. Explain what it has to do with you.  Be totally specific and precise—names, places etc. You may fictionalize.  Add images and videos if you wish

II. Main Idea 2–same outline as above

III. Main Idea 3–same outline as above

The paper should have a cover sheet that is a work of art.  The cover sheet should have an image and title that reflect the thesis

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