The purpose is for you to find a secondary data set- create variables- and enter the data in excel. Upon completion of this assignment- you should be able to find and download free- public- secondary

The purpose is for you to find a secondary data set, create variables, and enter the data in excel.  Upon completion of this assignment, you should be able to find and download free, public, secondary data sets from readily available government agencies, as well as successfully create an excel file, which includes a data dictionary.


1.     Choose a health topic, disease, or trend that you want to find more information about. Note that this data and topic will be used throughout the semester for other assignments

2.     Use one of the websites covered in chapter 1 to find your data or any website you would like. Data is everywhere so if you find it, use it.

a.     CDC

b.     FDA/USDA

c.     Census

d.     Baltimore City Health Department

e.     Maryland Department of Health

f.      Any website you find interesting

3.     Enter your data in excel

a.     You need a minimum of sample of 50 to complete this assignment

b.     Example: if you choose cancer, you will need at least 50 cases of cancer

4.     Create a data dictionary on the second sheet of your excel file

a.     A data dictionary defines the variables in your data set

5.     You must include these variables in your data set. Feel free to add any other variables you want to add to your data set. This information may be useful to you

a.     Gender

i.     Female

ii.     Male

iii.     other

b.     Ethnicity

c.     Age

d.     Employment

e.     Education

f.      State

g.     County

6.     For each variable, have the following

a.     Number (count)

b.     Percent

c.     Rate (if applicable)

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