The Plastic Problem from PBS Newshour (Total viewing time approx. 1 hour). After watching this week documentary and reading Climate Justice- include: Introduction 1) According to the documentary- 1

The Plastic Problem from PBS Newshour (Total viewing time approx. 1 hour).

After watching this week’ documentary and reading “Climate Justice,” include:


1) According to the documentary, how are plastics (especially single-use plastics) damaging to the global environment? (Give and explain 2 examples.)

2) What ways can we reduce plastic on a grand scale (give 2 examples and explain)? Who is doing this? How? Is this effective long-term? Why/why not?

3) Why does Mary Robinson argue we need to hear the narratives of climate justice advocates on the front lines of climate change? (Make sure you include 2 specific climate justice narratives—one from a developed nation, one from a developing nation). What should we do next? Why?

4) After reading the “climate justice” book and watching this documentary, be specific about how this information makes you feel? Why? What options or next steps do we have? Why?

5) Summary

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