The Montes video considers the way teachers approach instruction- training- teaching- and education. This discussion assignment will ask you to reflect deeply on these terms. Often- it is easy to use

The Montes video considers the way teachers approach instruction, training, teaching, and education. This discussion assignment will ask you to reflect deeply on these terms. Often, it is easy to use these terms interchangeably when teachers are generally discussing student learning, but in the science of instructional design, it is critical to differentiate the intention underlying these significant terms. In your post, please define each of the four terms independently:

  • Instruction
  • Training
  • Teaching
  • Education

Feel free to draw from outside sources, but for this post, I am more interested in how you personally define (and use) these terms in your pedagogical approach. What do these terms mean to you? Think carefully about where there might be some shared intention among the terms and where each term is unique and distinct. Include any personal experiences relevant to your definitions.


1. Botturi, L. (2003). Instructional design & learning technology standard. ICeF – Quadernidell’Istituto 9, 4-69.

  • Read pp 4-69. This report is devoted to presenting some of the most referenced Instructional Design models and the up-to-date state of the definition of learning technology standards. Its goal is not to offer an exhaustive summary of the discipline or of the field of educational technologies, but to provide a first critical introduction into the design of education. Basic vocabulary and terms will be introduced and defined.

2. Seel, N. M., Lchmann, T., Blumschien, P., & Podolskiy, O. A. (2017). Instructional design for learning: Theoretical foundations, 1 – 17.

  • Read pp 1-17. This chapter introduces the basic philosophy of instructional design and the central concepts essential to creating effective learning environments. Drawing on the work of Gagne (1965) and Roth (1963), the authors explain the science of instructional design as an important component of educational planning.

Optional Videos

1. Montes, B. (2013, October 12). Instructional design-unit 1: An introduction [Video]. YouTube. (10:00)

  • The runtime on this video is 10 minutes. Montes provides an introduction to instructional design, models of instructional design, and the ADDIE model of instructional design.

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