the first painting is La Vie- 1903 by Picasso

the first painting is La Vie, 1903 by Picasso

second painting is neo classic three woman at the spring picasso 1921 by picasso

COMPARISON:  Discuss elements such as those below.  Skip anything that doesn’t make sense for your comparison. A well-written comparison dealing with only a few features would be better than a crowded comparison that attempts to cover everything and is less well written.


Begin with their obvious similarities.  What is the subject matter?  What types of paintings are they? (portraits, genre subjects, figural subjects, still lifes, landscapes, action subjects, etc.)

What is the focal point of each?

What is the meaning or message of each, if any? (not all modern paintings have a message)

Elements of Style:

What style do they represent? (i.e., Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, Cubism, Futurism, Expressionism, Fantasy/Magical Realism, Surrealism, etc.)

What are the color schemes? (bright, subdued, etc.) Don’t name every color.

Describe the lighting (bright, dramatic, spotlit, even, subdued, etc.)

Brushstrokes (Obvious brushstrokes or smooth, flat areas of color? Are they painterly? Is there impasto?)

Is there cropping? (Are important elements of the painting cut off by the edges of the picture?)

Is there movement or interaction created by the glances or gestures of figures in the painting?

Are there important lines of movement in the composition that lead the viewer’s eye?

What is your vantage point as viewer? (Are you inside or outside the scene? Above, below, eye level with the subject?)

Landscapes:  Where is the horizon? (high, low, in the middle)

Portraits:  Where is the sitter? (center, off to one side, etc.)

What mood has the artist created, if any?

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