Semester Project Part 5: Researched Argument (Electoral College) 8-10 Complete pages- plus your Works Cited Page Bring together all parts of your project in a Researched Argument Essay. This is the

Semester Project Part 5:  Researched Argument (Electoral College)

8-10 Complete pages, plus your Works Cited Page

Bring together all parts of your project in a Researched Argument Essay.  This is the part of the assignment where you use your proposal and outline as building blocks.  Here is where you will be adding your own position and arguing it, using your research to support your position.

  • You must use at least 6 sources.
  • You may replace sources that you originally used for your Annotated Bibliography
  • Your paper must be a minimum of eight (8) COMPLETE pages properly formatted PLUS your Works Cited page.
    • Your research MUST come from the library databases – that means no Google, no Wikipedia, no dictionaries. The point of this paper is to learn to do scholarly research.  Nor may you use CQ Researcher, although you may want to consult it to learn about the issues that surround your topic.
    • Of your total required sources, you may use two articles from the following kinds of sources: .edu, .gov, .org, or a periodical (a newspaper or magazine).  The rest must be from the databases
    • You may not use abstracts of articles or book reviews.

Writing a researched argument paper is not about locating evidence to support a pre-existing opinion; it is about asking questions, conducting research to answer those questions, and letting your opinion develop out of the dialogue between your ideas and experiences and those of other scholars or citizens.  Your 8-10 page paper should identify the issue from your perspective,

  • fully express your position,
  • support your arguments with evidence (from you research as you have collected it in your annotated bibliography),
  • address opposition to your position (counter-argument).

Your goal is to convince us that your position is reasonable because your arguments are well considered, logical, and responsible.  The essay should be focused, well organized, highly developed, and written clearly employing your best academic voice.

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