Resources on Constructing Concept Maps UC Observatories. (n.d.). Kinds of concept maps. Retrieved from Ple

Resources on Constructing Concept Maps

UC Observatories. (n.d.). Kinds of concept maps. Retrieved from Please refer to this reference when considering which type of concept map to use for your analysis

iStudy for Success! (n.d.). Concept maps. Retrieved from

Kathy Schrock’s Guide to Everything. (n.d.). Concept mapping in the classroom. Retrieved from

Software for Constructing Concept Maps

IHMC. (n.d.). Cmap. Retrieved from *** RECOMMENDED ***

Basu, Saikat. (2010, February). How to build a mind map in Microsoft Word. MUO. Retrieved from

Coggle. (2017). Coggle – Collaborative mind maps [App]. Retrieved from

MindMup. (n.d.). MindMup 2. Retrieved from


  1. Read the resources on how to construct concept maps
  2. Read the assigned readings from course textbooks
  3. Construct the concept map using your software of choice
  4. Submit a word document with answers to the concept map questions and a copy of the concept map

Focus Question

How would you devise a packaging/handling strategy for your product?

  1. Generate a list of all relevant activities, concepts, and/or steps for product/material handling.
  2. Determine the form of the map that you see as the most appropriate representation, as spider, hierarchical, flowchart, or system (see the first reading on concept maps). Justify your choice.
  3. Construct your concept map using the software of choice.
  4. Give examples as you construct your map.

A sample is also attached in the files

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