Remember the Sandman Video Sandmans formula is: Risk = Hazard + Outrage. His point was that at times- we need to reduce the outrage as it doesnt match the actual hazard (we are more frightened

  • Remember the Sandman Video?  Sandman’s formula is:  Risk = Hazard + Outrage.  His point was that  at times, we need to reduce the outrage as it doesn’t match the actual hazard (we are more frightened of something than we should be); yet sometimes, we need to increase the outrage to match the actual hazard (we are not as frightened as we should be).  The take away is that hazards can be measured — in terms of the likelihood that they will happen and the impact they would have if they do happen.

    • One way to do that is via a risk matrix, as described below:

Risk and How to use a Risk Matrix – YouTube.

In the food industry, one risk is food borne illnesses.  To detect and analyze the potential risk to individuals, the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) system was developed.  The video below describes this approach (those of you who work in the food industry may have gone through this training).

What is HACCP? Learn about HACCP in 6 minutes [iQKitchen] – YouTube

Questions for this prompt:

  • How do the videos add to the discussion in Coombs Chapter #4 about preparing for crisis?
  • Discuss an industry you might be familiar with and the kinds of risks that may be faced there, how they might be analyzed, and planned for in a Crisis Communication plan.

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