Recruitment and Selection Plan


Recruitment Write a 5-7 page recruitment and selection plan based on best practices and approaches for either Java Corp or an organization of your choice. Introduction Attracting top talent that fits the organization is of considerable importance. The ability to recruit and select talented people is one of the foundational skills for any human resource (HR) professional and one that will be utilized throughout your career. Preparation For this assessment, research the topics of recruitment and selection. Using one of the scenarios below, analyze best practices and approaches for these key HR functions. A minimum of three resources are required to support your work. Scenario For this assessment, choose either option 1 or 2. You do not need to do both. You will apply one of these scenarios in the instructions below. Both options will be graded using the same scoring guide. Option 1 You are the new HR manager for Java Corp, which specializes in cold coffee and iced tea. Java Corp is small but quickly growing. There are 300 employees in the company and the organization has a history of a stable workforce with very limited turnover. Recently, the company gained over 200 employees and there are a number of supervisory and managerial positions that need to be filled. The CEO has asked you to work with her to fill positions based on an organizational structure she has just created. New supervisors and managers are needed in IT (one), marketing (one), operations (two), and security (one). Each of these areas has seasoned internal employees eager to compete for jobs, though some may not be as qualified as external candidates. Develop a recruitment and selection plan that is best suited for this situation and make appropriate recommendations to the CEO. Option 2 Choose an organization to use for this assessment. It can be where you are currently employed or a company with which you are familiar. It must be an organization that is researchable, as you will need to gather and analyze information to complete the assessment. You may use the same organization for the other assessments. If you choose the organization where you are currently employed, please keep in mind that the analyses you make must be based on facts that can be documented rather than your personal opinion as an employee. Research the recruitment and selection functions of the chosen organization. Contact your faculty if you have questions. Instructions For this assessment, develop a recruitment and selection plan for the chosen organization. In your plan: Analyze the role of the recruiter. What unique opportunities and challenges are present for the selected company? Outline a recruitment process to meet organizational objectives for the selected company. Include a step-by-step process for the selection of supervisors and managers. Include the best practices that support your recommended best recruitment plan. Consider the use of social media, types of employment tests, and how to conduct effective interviews, for example. Include additional information that make the positions more attractive. Explain an organization’s legal considerations for recruitment and selection functions. Analyze how to measure success of the chosen selection method for the selected company. What specific metrics would you use for your selected company?


Recruitment Recruitment and Selection Plan- Java Corp


Finding and securing a top talent is a complex affair that requires planning ahead to make sure that one uses the right approach during recruitment and selection processes. The human resource department may be required to bring in a new talent, either as an additional for the rising organization to fill in the vacant positions, or as a replacement due to employees’ turnover or any other leave. In this context therefore, there is need to have a proper recruitment and selection plan that will assist in streamlining the hiring processes that will ensure the tapping of the best talent for the available and future emerging positions (Vincent, 2019). This paper is a recruitment plan for Java Corp to fill in the available positions. Having a stable working force over the years, Java still strives to maintain top talent, as well as attract the best within the industry across its international chain of operation.

Java’s Corp Recruitment Plan

The Role of The Recruiter

The recruiter is an important pillar in the whole process of the recruitment and selection, where they are responsible for the candidate sourcing, job advertisement, as well as offer management. On the other hand, after finding the right talent for the position, the recruiter is also responsible for the post placement in order to fill in the available position. Therefore, recruiters must strike a is a balance in ensuring that the candidate’s aspects fit the vacant position requirements, both in character, personality and professional competence (Vincent, 2019).

The Unique Opportunities and Challenges Present for The Java Corp

Having been in existence for over 15 years, Java Corp has grown to be a recognizable brand in the world of coffeeshops, having secured a remarkable client base and establishments in all 6 continents across several countries. With an employee base of over 300 workers, the company is known to have a good history of retaining employees with very minimal turnover. With this operational strength, the company stands out with several opportunities that it can grab and ensure growth in its operations. One such opportunity is venturing more internationally, either through new direct shop establishments or by use of franchise approach. This will ensure revenue growth as the clientele base expands.

On the other hand, there is a possibility of securing the right talents for the emerging job positions, especially considering the large pool of applicants across the globe, where the company’s operations are based. Furthermore, with the growing demand for cold coffee and iced teas across the globe, Java Corp is assured of a market growth across its industry, and this can assist in the company’s expansion plan (Cerinus & Shannon, 2014). Nevertheless, the company is more likely to experience the management challenge due to complexity in operations, including a fixed and unique product line

The Recruitment Process to Meet the Organizational Objectives for Java Corp

Based on the current organizational structures, and considering the latest recruitment for over 200 employees, there is need for Java Corp to fill in a number of supervisory and managerial positions. The company has established the positions requirements and its demand to formulate an all-inclusive Job advertisement. New supervisors and managers are needed in IT (one), marketing (one), operations (two), and security (one). Each of these positions will hold either a supervisory or managerial task to ensure that the employees under them execute their duties in accordance with the provided guidelines and as well, the global labor legal requirements.

To ensure that Java Corp fills out the identified 5 positions, it must follow several steps in order to fulfil the recruitment process. Already the company has satisfied the first step in the recruitment process which entails the establishment of the hiring need. The second step is the development of the job description which outlines the key demands/requirements for a position. The third step is the talent search, which entails advertisement through various media to reach out on the interested candidates who may hold the requirements as per the job demands. After this step, what follows is the talent search which is done from a pool of applications and finding the applicants who meets the minimum requirements for the job (Vincent, 2019). This is followed by the fifth step in the whole process which consists of the screening and shortlisting of the best candidates out of the applications had met the job requirements. This step is then followed by the interviewing process which results in selection of the best candidates for the job placement, including the crucial steps of the job introduction, as well as induction of the placed candidate.

Nevertheless, this process requires a recruitment and selection team drawn from the IT, marketing, operations, and security departments to perform the steps as analyzed in order to secure the right candidates for the positions. As Java Corp working culture, the current employees within the specified departments will be given the priorities for the positions, and whenever the qualifications demand for external advertisement, the HR team will do so. The recruitment period will be capped for one month period (1 Month) due to the urgency of the positions within the company’s operations (Cerinus & Shannon, 2014).

A Step-By-Step Process for The Selection of Supervisors and Managers

Selection involves an exercise that entails choosing the right and qualified candidates from a pool of applicants in order to fill out the open vacancies. Selection process will begin by screening as well as shortlisting of candidates from the applications followed by contact and the interview schedule. During interview, the candidates may be subjected to the aptitude tests or oral interview in which the selection team will use to make the decision for the best candidate. The selection team this far should agree according to the candidates score performance using the set interviewing and aptitude test results criteria and the established scoring level (Vincent, 2019).

After the team has settled on an ideal candidate, the formalization through contact, introduction and orientation follows, where the candidate now is formally placed and occupies the position that they were selected for as an employee of the company. It is important to note that the selection process should follow all the company’s protocols and guidelines for selection, as well as observe all the existing legal requirements in order to avoid undesirable issues associated with wrongful employment. Technological application of the pre-employment assessment tools can assist the recruitment team in streamlining the Java Corp hiring efforts, saving time and costs associated with these processes (Cerinus & Shannon, 2014).

For the Java Corp to secure the right talent for the open positions, the selection team should be well informed of the roles and requirements of each job opening. These includes the characteristics and skills, daily responsibilities for the positions and the candidates’ goals considerations. Prior meetings and briefing with the hiring team is vital as this creates a thorough understanding of the roles of each job opening, as well as the needs to fill it effectively. The Java Corp working culture and the required general skills should fully inform the whole recruitment and selection process (Wolgast et al., 2017). Whenever possible, it is to the company’s advantage if the selected candidate is flexible to fit in a wide scope of other positions whenever the need arises in the course of their working. This is opposed to having a fixed candidate whose skills only fit a specific job opening. This consideration however should not ignore the best talent for the given position.

The Best Practices That Support the Recommended Best Recruitment Plan

  1. The Use of Social Media, Types of Employment Tests, And How to Conduct Effective Interviews

To conduct effective interviews, the selection team should apply a variety of approaches in order to determine the applicant’s capabilities through a series of tests. The use of social media has recently gained interest, where the individuals personal accounts can be checked to give an overview of the applicant’s social limelight and also, as a way of advertisement for recruitment opportunities (Ladkin & Buhalis, 2016). On the other hand, tests such as personality, achievement, performance, and the cognitive aptitude tests are also an effective approach in conducting an effective interview (Cerinus & Shannon, 2014).

  • Include Additional Information That Make the Positions More Attractive

During the advertising for the job openings, Java Corp should include information that makes the positions attractive. The recruitment and selection team should aim to convey a compelling and inclusive job descriptions to appeal to the potential job seekers. Possibly the information about Java Corp company’s mission, vision and values, equal opportunity, as well as other specifics for the job openings should be availed at this stage (Stoilkovska et al., 2015).

  • Java Corp Legal Considerations for Recruitment and Selection Functions

During the recruitment and selection process, several legal considerations should be considered to avoid any conflict of the processes with the existing legal requirements. These considerations include marital status, pregnancy and maternity issues, race, religion, gender reassignments, applicant disability status, as well as age. These matters carry with them the legal guiding requirements both existing as internal policies of the company, as well as the national labor laws and thus should be observed at all times during the recruitment and selection process (Cerinus & Shannon, 2014).

  • The Measuring of Success of The Chosen Selection Method for Java Corp and The Specific Metrics to Apply

For every process, there is need to evaluate the milestones made to determine its success rate. For the Java Corp, its recommended that it applies metrics such as;

  1. Days to hire (includes the period for hire,
  2. The acceptance rate – How many applicants per session
  3. Manager and hiring team satisfaction
  4. Candidates’ qualification per opening- How many met the minimum requirements of the given job opening
  5. Source of hire- Whether internal or external sourcing (The coverage scope).


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