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Nursing How do you differentiate between the roles of leader, designer, manager and coordinator of nursing care in the healthcare and global arena?


Nursing Professional Nursing

The roles of nurse leaders, managers, designers, and coordinators of nursing care in healthcare enhance the provision of top-quality and efficient care in this global arena. First, the role of a nurse leader overseeing a team of nurses, directing patient care initiatives, and making decisions in healthcare organizations (Goldsby et al., 2020). Nurse leaders have advanced clinical knowledge and aim at improving patient experience and health outcomes. They are involved in conducting the healthcare research and equipping their team members with the knowledge required in delivering top-quality patient care, thereby reducing hospital readmission cases and the high cost of care. Nurse managers do not take part in patient care directly. Instead, they concentrate on supervising health workers, managing daily operations, and training team members to enhance their clinical knowledge and skills. They are also in charge of budgeting in healthcare organizations. Hence, this managerial position requires an understanding of business management. Additionally, clinical nurses play a vital role in healthcare design. Clinical nurses propose designs that meet patient needs. They understand patients’ needs than other healthcare professionals since they spend the most time with patients while providing direct care to them in healthcare organizations (Stichler, 2015). Finally, the coordinator of nursing care plays a crucial role in the provision of patient care. The nurse care coordinator support and help patients to navigate the medical system to access the required treatment, thus preventing hospital readmission. The coordinator involves all patient care members during treatments to enhance patient experience and the health outcome.


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