Prepare a written research proposal based upon a research question listed -( An Investigation into the factors that impact millennial purchasing behavior in the automotive industry )

millennial The student should identify a research question, or questions, that relate to the student’s work environment or career field (auto industry/ car sales). For the proposal assignment, the student is not required to actually gather data, analyze the data, and complete the research report (data gathering and analysis is often a costly and time intensive process whose proper executive goes beyond the scope of this course).

But the report should identify relevant data gathering methods that could be employed to answer the research question posed. The research proposal may be approached as a small-scale internal proposal, a large-scale internal proposal, a small-scale RFP, or a large-scale RFP. Whichever of the four basic approaches the student selects, the research proposal should at a minimum include the following elements:

– An executive summary

– The problem statement

– The research objectives

– The importance/benefits of the study

– The research design (including information on sampling design, data collection design, measurement instruments, etc.)

– The nature and form of results

– The schedule

Note that other elements may be included (such as a budget section, a data analysis section, etc.), if desired, but additional sections are not required. The most important aspect of the research proposal assignment involves the student fine tuning the research question(s) and developing a research design that could potentially address the research question(s). The research proposal should be thorough, but no more than six pages in length, including any charts or tables .

millennial Question:

An Investigation into the factors that impact millennial purchasing behavior in the automotive industry

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