Please label the sections in your paper- be sure that you use size 12 Times New Roman Font double-spaced- with 1 inch margins.Please keep to the paragraph parameters stated below for each section- no

  1. Please label the sections in your paper, be sure that you use size 12 Times New Roman Font double-spaced, with 1 inch margins.
  2. Please keep to the paragraph parameters stated below for each section, no more, no less.


SECTION 1 Introduction

You want to add a short paragraph that introduces the reader to your project and how you will proceed in the paper. In the introductory paragraph, using the first person, clearly lay out what your essay is about and what you plan to do in the rest of the essay. Use sentences like: “In this essay I will lay out case x which involves ethical issues y and z. Then, I will apply two ethical theories to the case and we will learn…”

Section Length: Only one short paragraph for this section.

SECTION 2 Case Study and Normative Ethical Issue(s)

Summarize the selected case study you’ve selected clearly and straightforwardly. Write as if the reader has no familiarity whatsoever with the case. Include only relevant details. After providing details of the case study, then identify the most relevant ethical issue or issues that you think come out of this particular case. Such issue(s) must be:

  • Moral – about the “permissibility of” / “obligation to” perform / refrain from a specific actHINT: It will also be useful to identify which moral agent(s) have the responsibility / not
  • Philosophically interesting (i.e., controversial or unsettled in the discourse)AND
  • Phrased as a neutral statement. The purpose of this is to ensure that you are framing the issue objectively, and not from any biased presuppositions. NOT: a question / an indication of your positionHINT: “Whether or not … ” something is the case.

Section Length: Should be two full paragraphs, one for the summation of the case and one for the normative ethical issue(s) involved.

SECTION 3 Apply Normative Ethical Theories

Pick two ethical theories.Choose from the following:

  • Ethical Egoism
  • Utilitarianism (act or rule, but you should specify which you’re working with since they may give different interpretations)
  • Kantian Deontology
  • Divine Command Theory
  • Virtue Ethics
  • Feminist/Care Ethics

Utilizing your understanding of the normative ethical theories you’ve selected, do the following:

  1. Very briefly, summarize the main tenets of the ethical theory, how does it describe right action or character (happiness, virtue, intentions, care, etc).
  2. Then, in the same paragraph, say how the theory would assess the moral issue at hand. In other words, what would the ethical theory say is the “right / virtuous” or “wrong / vicious” thing to do relative to this particular case.AND
  3. Why? Be sure to demonstrate your understanding of how each theory defines morally permissible / obligatory behavior; as well as how that applies to the moral issue at hand.

Section Length: Should be two full and complete paragraphs, one for each ethical theory you’ve selected.

SECTION 4 Moral Judgement

In this section provide a very brief argument about which of the two moral assessments (from section 3) aligns most with your ethical intuitions. In other words:

  • Which, if either, moral judgment dictated by the ethical theory do you think is correct and/or the most intuitive or plausible course of action.AND
  • Why? Be sure to differentiate between theories which may have come to the same moral conclusion, but for different reasons, and why you prefer one over the other(s).

If you think that neither moral theory provides a plausible or intuitive assessment, then you can argue for that. But if that’s the case, as a reader, one might wonder why you selected those two when perhaps another ethical theory might provide such a plausible course of action.

Section Length: Should be one full and complete paragraph.

Section 5 Conclusion

Conclude with a brief summary of what you have done and an explicit assessment of what you consider the take-away message to be. (rough template: “In this essay I have used the example of ______ to consider ___________. What we have learned is ____________.”)

Section Length: Should be one short but summative paragraph.

Make sure that the paper is double spaced, uses Times New Roman font, paragraphs justified, sections clearly labeled, grammar and sentence structure are checked throughout the paper, and that citations (kept to an absolute minimum, remember this is not a research paper) are provided for quoted or referenced material and stats as footnotes (no references page needed) MLA formatting.

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