PERSONAL ETHICS PHILOSOPHY PAPER ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS OVERVIEW The aim of the Personal Ethics Philosophy Paper Assignment is to synthesize the ethics theories- concepts- and applications you have

PERSONAL ETHICS PHILOSOPHY PAPER ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONSOVERVIEWThe aim of the Personal Ethics Philosophy Paper Assignment is to synthesize the ethics theories, concepts, and applications you have studied with your personal values and a biblical worldview to formulate a personal ethics philosophy you can apply in your personal life and in your organizations. INSTRUCTIONSWrite a 4 — 6-page paper in current APA format. This length does not include the title page and reference list page. The margins must be one inch on all sides in accordance with APA formatting. Font preference is Times New Roman, 12 point; a different font may be used if it is in accordance with the APA Style Guide, Version 7. The paper should include the following elements: Summarize your worldview as it pertains to ethics. Describe your personal life vision and mission. Explain how you will apply Christian ethics in your personal life roles. Explain how you will apply Christian ethics in your professional work roles. Explain how you make ethical decisions and utilize an ethics decision-making process. Explain how you may be able to influence the ethical culture in your work organization. If work organization does not apply to you right now, you may use a previous organization or a hypothetical future organization, preferably in the aviation industry.References: You must use a minimum of five different references. Wiki sites and encyclopedias may not be used as one of the five references required as a minimum. References must include as a minimum: A minimum of four (4) of the references should be from the course textbook(s) and articles used in the weekly lessons. A minimum of one (1) reference should be from a source not used in this course, e.g., research and find journal article(s) and/or other book reference(s). You will most likely want to reference Scripture, but that will be a reference in addition to the five minimum references required.

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