Instructions Selecting a Populated Area and its Culture or Subculture The organization- the culture or subculture- and the product that you chose in Unit I will be the subject for basic research for t

Instructions Selecting a Populated Area and its Culture or Subculture The organization, the culture or subculture, and the product that you chose in Unit I will be the subject for basic research for the remainder of the course. Research will be required to form a solid base for matching one of the two populated areas to your organization’s product with focus on the culture and subcultures of your selected country and populated area. For deciding on a populated area, you will review, at a minimum, two cultures or subcultures. Take into account the selected product’s compatibility. For each of these, you should research a minimum of two sources with divergent views. The review will require a focus on the outcome, but not an outcome that you predetermine. Let the discussions used in comparing material from one source against the other sources guide you to a conclusion. You may use the  Assignment Template to assist you in formatting. It is important to ensure the absolute separation of what writing comes from your brain and what information comes from your sources. There must never be any doubt in the reader’s mind regarding what is original information and what is referenced material. To do this, the in-text citations must be impeccable. In the Unit II Required Unit Resources section, you will be able to access the Sample Research Paper. Use this model to prepare your in-text citations and references. The body for this assignment will provide a detailed description of the process used to select the organization and the product. Your submission must be a minimum of two pages in length, although you should not limit the thoroughness of your research and discussion based on this minimum requirement. The format will include, but is not be limited to, the elements listed below.

  • Utilize at least two sources.
  • Discuss source material that is supporting your final decision for culture or subculture and product compatibility.
  • Restate the issue, question, or task that the document will be analyzing, which—in this case—is narrowing choices to two countries with one recommendation and selecting one product.
  • Provide pros or cons, good and bad ideas, and poor and excellent results (i.e., do not prejudge the outcome).
  • Provide an analysis of your research from all sides; once again, do not slant the analysis toward a specific flow.
  • Now, provide the Board of Directors with conclusions and recommendations.
  • Include in-text citations and references.

Document your sources and relevant notes for use when formatting in-text citations and references. Adhere to APA Style (7th ed.) when constructing this assignment, including in-text citations and references for all sources that are used. Please note that no abstract is needed.

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