Best Essay – Carolene Products – the US Supreme Court has generally

Essay – Carolene Products – the US Supreme Court has generally


Short essay should be about 2 pages Double space

Essay should use at least 3 sources from the reading list.

Make sure you have a thesis, introduction and conclusion!

And don’t hesitate to state your personal opinion, but be sure to back it up with evidence and to acknowledge the counter-evidence

Since the writing of footnote 4 in Carolene Products, the US Supreme Court has generally, though not always, upheld economic and social welfare legislation, and claimed a special responsibility for the judiciary in reviewing legislation that might impair civil rights and civil liberties. Briefly indicate how that post fn. 4 mission compares with the mission the Court set for itself between Reconstruction and Carolene Products, and use the remainder of your time to examine fully how well the Court fulfilled the mission it set out for itself in Carolene Products during the eras of the Warren, Burger, and Rehnquist Courts.

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