do all 1.After reading about some of the different ways to approach a text- write a 200-400 word discussion board post in which you answer the following: Choose one critical theory and give a brief h

do all

1.After reading about some of the different ways to approach a text, write a 200-400 word discussion board post in which you answer the following:

  • Choose one critical theory and give a brief history of it.

    • How did it evolve?
    • Was it a reaction to a social issue (civil rights? women’s suffrage? queer theory)?

      • If so, how does this prove that critical approaches mirror or change with society? Give examples.
    • What text(s) have we read that you think work well with this approach? Why?

2.Module 9 Assignment: Critical Approaches Reader Response Start Assignment

Reader Response

Choose one of the stories that we read this week and complete a 400-600 words reader response. Re-read the story with one of the critical lenses that we learned this week. In your reader response, you must show how this reading works in the story. Remember, reader responses are truly your response to this story and the different ways that it can be interpreted. It is your opinion, but it still needs to be written in a professional manor.

Your writings should be:

  • About 400-600 words long
  • Written using professional language and writing style
  • Related to the readings, assignments, and/or discussions from this week
  • Evidence of critical thinking

You can:

  • Expand on what you mentioned this week on the discussion board
  • Discuss your own experiences readings, writing, and working this week (time management, understanding of materials, etc.)

You should avoid:

  • Copy / pasting from other submissions
  • Focusing on a previous week’s readings only (you can connect this week to a previous week, though)
  • Unprofessional discourse
  • Conversational language (you, I, etc.)

3.Essay 2: Literary Analysis Essay

The last few weeks you have learned different types of literary themes. This week, you are working on crafting your second essay.

  • Read and review the Lesson notes below on “The Fiction Essay”
  • Read and review the guide and resources included below
  • Select a story assigned for this class to write about
  • Create an outline according to the essay assignment specifications
  • Complete and submit a fiction analysis essay according to the assignment specifications

Literary Analysis Essay Prompt

In a 1,000-1,250 (4-5 page) fiction response essay, respond to the following prompt. Your essay should be in MLA format, make use of support from the story or stories chosen (using quotation, summary and/or paraphrase) and should include citations in-text and on a Works Cited page.

Remember to avoid summarizing a story – instead, focus on answering the question(s) and explaining why the quotes and passages you’ve chosen are significant. You do not need to consult research or outside sources for this paper.

Prompt: Write an essay examining how a short story of your choosing makes a statement about a social issue (class, race, gender, ageism, cultural identity). What claim does the story seem to be making? How does it use literary devices to illustrate its point? Is the text speaking to a specific audience or society? How does the text show this?

Remember: Use professional writing. Do not use personal pronouns like “you”, “us”, “our”, etc. Instead, use “individuals” or “society”.

Notes: The Fiction Essay

Notes – The Fiction Essay.pptx  Download Notes – The Fiction Essay.pptx         Notes – The Fiction Essay.pdf  Download Notes – The Fiction Essay.pdf Start by reading these notes over the fiction essay. This document is available as a PowerPoint and as a .pdf.

Helpful Guide: The Writing Process:

Writing a Fiction Analysis Essay.docx  Download Writing a Fiction Analysis Essay.docx   Writing a Fiction Analysis Essay.pdf Download Writing a Fiction Analysis Essay.pdfThis guide covers each step of the writing process for this essay. It is available as a Word document and as a .pdf.

Sample Essay Outline:

Fiction Essay Sample Outline.pdf Download Fiction Essay Sample Outline.pdfFiction Essay Sample Outline.docx  Download Fiction Essay Sample Outline.docx This outline is an example of how to plan and organize an essay for this assignment. Its basis is an imaginary story. It is available as a Word document and as a .pdf.You do not have to submit an outline for this assignment, though you are encouraged to create one before writing your essay. Either way, this guide can be helpful to you in understanding how to organize your essay.

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