Directions: Teachers- and the school systems that employ them- face many challenges during the school year. COVID-19 has taken educational challenges to a new level regarding continued safety and meet


Teachers, and the school systems that employ them, face many challenges during the school year. COVID-19 has taken educational challenges to a new level regarding continued safety and meeting the requirements set forth by federal, state, and local leaders. Imagine that you are the grade level leader of a school where COVID-19 has impacted your community. You are charged by the school board with providing a safe, healthy, and secure school. You need to make sure teachers are using current technology and teaching methods, and that your school is preparing students to be productive 21st-century citizens. The recent COVID-19 virus has shown that your school lacks the bandwidth, equipment, and technology to transition to a virtual learning environment and this has caused concern in the local community; however, the community also believes that the school is adequate if only teachers would work harder.

You are faced with the task of opening your school during this trying time. You need to make sure the protocols are in place such as the proper social distancing and safety equipment (masks, plexiglass, etc.) for all who enter the school building. The financial implications are a concern for you and the community. Will you need more tables or student desks to adhere to the social distancing requirements? Will you have to lay off any employees (lunchroom workers, bus drivers, janitors) due to a modified school schedule?

Write a white paper that addresses these current and future trends as they relate to financial implications you may face. Explain in the paper whether you will require more or less funds to maintain the educational level your community is accustomed to. Also, include why you may or may not need additional funds to support an overall upgrade for the school that may include more technology and equipment which would create a positive virtual learning environment during this and any future crisis. Be as creative as you can to determine the best source of where the possible funds will come from.

Your white paper should be 4–5 pages and should follow this format:

  • The Problem
  • Proof the Problem Exists
  • Additional Problems
  • The Basic Solution
  • Your Solution (how much funding you need, and where should it come from)
  • Minimum of three resources

This white paper guide may be helpful:

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How to Write a White Paper (2021)

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