Case Study Questions Consider the different suppliers.Which one would you select WhyWhat type of contract would you use WhyRisks and rewards in this case:What are the risksWhat are the rewardsHo

Case Study Questions

  1. Consider the different suppliers.

    1. Which one would you select? Why?
    2. What type of contract would you use? Why?
  2. Risks and rewards in this case:

    1. What are the risks?
    2. What are the rewards?
    3. How can you balance these risks and rewards?
  3. Contract preparation and negotiation for this case:

    1. How to prepare a contract?
    2. How to negotiate a contract?
  4. Senior management is asking you to create a draft contract. Based on the information within the case and what you learned in the course thus far:

    1. Which elements would you include within the draft contract?
    2. Why?
  5. Senior management would like your guidance on how to handle any

    1. contractual mistakes (“honest mistakes”);
    2. disputes; and
    3. breach of contract that may arise.

Please read the following attached case study to solve the above question. If using cited website please provide reference at the end of the page. Please provide explanation of the each reference in detail at the end of this page like why did you choose that reference for the paper.

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