Bibliography Assignment (Skills: Communication- Critical Thinking- Research- & Personal Responsibility) Because we have read a folk tale- I would like you to continue your research on

Bibliography Assignment

(Skills: Communication, Critical Thinking,  Research, & Personal Responsibility)

Because we have read a folk tale, I would like you to continue your research on that subject. After finding the required articles and biography, I want you to create an annotated bibliography. Each source will have a citation title, a following sentence with the main idea of the entire story/article and three more sentences of key points from the story/article. I will provide a sample bibliography as a guide. Remember, a bibliography is a discussion of key points written in 3rd person – no personal commentary from you. Further, it is not an essay. Also, you never use quotations.

Bibliography Requirements:

  1. 4 citation titles
  2. Each annotation starts with a sentence of the main idea for the whole article/story.
  3. Each annotation has 3 following sentences of key points in 3rd person (no quoting for a total of 4 complete sentences in each annotation)
  4. All sources must come for Collin’s library databases or our Canvas shell
  5. Bibliography must be in MLA style (Times New Roman, 12 point font, double spaced) It also requires the hanging indent format and the citations must appear in alphabetic order.

NB; Entries that are required: (1. Author’s biography; 2. Folk tale; 3. Article on folklore; 4. One piece of Tale/author criticism) NOT in this order. You still set up the bibliographic citations in alphabetic order.

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