Background Your objective this term is to research and write a case study paper that provides a critical analysis of a natural disaster event. Earlier in the course- you picked a natural disaster eve


Your objective this term is to research and write a case study paper that provides a critical analysis of a natural disaster event.  Earlier in the course, you picked a natural disaster event in history to explore in detail.  You submitted this your choice for approval.  If you did not, you still need to get your topic approved before you submit this paper.  In your case study paper, you will discuss the science behind the causes of this particular natural disaster phenomena and explore the disaster event in detail in order to illustrate the magnitude and impact of this phenomena.

For your case study, investigate the initial cause of the event, and the nature of the devastation that followed.  Determine if there is anything that the communities involved could have done in advance to lessen the impact of the event? Would early warning have helped? What about improvements in local infrastructure or disaster preparedness?  Discuss the impact of the event on both people and property.  Determine the energy unleashed by the event. What lessons were learned from this event?  Will they be prepared next time?

LAB TITLE:       Case Study

NAME:             Stephan Willis

DATE:              10 June 2022


For my case study I would love to study and compare Oct. 8, 1871, The Great Peshtigo Fire. The story of the Peshtigo Fire, gleaned from survivor accounts and conjecture, is that railroad workers clearing land for tracks that Sunday evening started a brush fire which, somehow, became an inferno. Fire tornadoes are rare but are being recorded more often in recent years. the Great Peshtigo Fire has myth to its beginning and lessons to be learned I believe this is a unique natural disaster that people do not talk about enough. The data on this subject is still young to science witch I believe will be more of interest to write on.

Assignment Instructions

Your final research paper should satisfy these minimum requirements:

    1. Title page
    2. Introductory paragraph(s) containing thesis statement
    3. Science Background
    4. Case Study
    5. Lessons Learned
    6. Concluding paragraph stating implications of research paper findings
    7. 4 – 6 double spaced pages
    8. 8 – 10 references

This research paper must conform to APA guidelines and be a minimum of 1500 words (exclusive of title, abstract, and references).

The content of this paper must be in your own words as much as possible.  You may quote and properly cite supporting material up to one complete sentence, but anything longer does not help to show your understanding, and does not count towards the required length of the paper.

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