ACC 668 Topic 8 Discussions GCU

ACC 668 Topic 8 Discussions GCU

ACC 668 Topic 8 DQ 1

ACC 668 Companies are generally subject to state taxation based upon a concept called

. Provide an example of a business transaction that would create nexus and thereby an income tax reporting requirement for a company. In a follow-up post, respond to a classmate’s finding or summarize the nexus requirements for a state not already addressed by a classmate.

ACC 668 Topic 8 DQ 2

The Arizona State Board of Accountancy is the governing entity for CPAs practicing in the state of Arizona. There are a number of rules and requirements for maintaining licensure in the state. In your discussion, refer to the Arizona Revised Statue 32-731. What does this statute require of Arizona CPAs and the business entity they own or operate under? Summarize three or four main points of the statute so that your classmates may add something unique to the discussion. Follow up with a response to one of your classmates by adding content or a relevant article to the discussion.

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